Pages upon pages,

Thumbing post-it,

Reflections inked on yellow.

Silent souvenirs I possess.

Hunch thoughts like mystics and outlaws.

The living of a cathartic man.

When debonair curiosity speaks,

Delicate syllables are uttered,

like lips balancing,

Upon the curvature of her hips.

Ecstasy insoluble from tongue to buds.

Marveling the grand machine,

Ticking and shifting ominous gears.

Time is an obdurate mess.

And I am a vandal,

scribbling on yellow wallpaper,

Releasing birdcaged fowls,

To dip their wings,

In the lemon sun.

If you’re not putting yourself out there every day, risking rejection and feeling like you just might die, you aren’t really doing the work.
You’re just performing, playing the part of an artist.
In order to live a life worthy of the calling you’ve received, you must do something that scares you. That’s how you create art.
So… are you in?

Jeff Goins (via celluloidcharlieltd)

 <3 writerScope

They Try to Sink Their Teeth into Battleships

Caveat, the loan sharks

Jawbreaker lure

Chomp, chomp

Caveat! pupils

Kid creatives

Dilated idealists

Rising hot-air balloons

Don’t follow the parade

Of painted light bulbs

Illuminated in darkening

Albuquerque sky

A view grandeur

Horse flock feathers

Grandiose hallucination

Follow your

High heart hatbeat

They want us confused

They want us lost

Walking Gobi droughts

Ruse parents too

A muses scoundrels

Trail crumbs empire

Mouths collect morsels

They can desecrate

A physical temple

We’re blessed

Impenetrable sols

Where spirit enters

An Untouchable’s feet

Do You See Words Like I Do?

     Thoughts are spontaneous ink bleeding,

          On parched scrolls levitating above me.

               When inspiration well overflows,

                     I dip a feather in the pool,

                         Lift that quill dripping,

                              And brush elegantly,

                                  Shaping ideas on famished paper.

                                       Until the imaginary lines are full.

Thought Verse #2

Put your soul into your passion

You can end up a legend,

Verbally Johnny Cashing,

Grasping guitar on a boat in the Caspian,

Seeing things unseen, no colorless Casper.

For ever a master of passage,

Uniting the masses by amassing classics,

God the Captain, inspired us to patent.

The planting of thought seeds,

With out smoke breathing.

Destination only matters when you believe,

Each heart beat of the journey is worth seeing.

And I flow smooth being sticky glue I mimic to.

My love for hip hop is no gimmick.

I won’t be used,

As a magician’s puppeteer,

For his palms to steer,

Muttering words that mirror,

Apparition lines uttered in mainstream listener’s ears.

I don’t fear Pharisees, the seers,

Sneering and peering from their lairs with all-seeing eyes,

Scratching their lies with lights,

Strewn across silver sheep-ridden skies.

I am looking for eternal prize,

Amplified by my soul exposing your enterprise,

Disguised by masked castles on a floating isle.

Wiser now, as I gain airline Miles,

Like Davis, trumpeteering, world renown’d.

The horn sounds,

And I switch it up with a new word style,

Chiseling upon my fondue constantly,

I am a walk-in fontal lobotomy.

The Six-Foot Grave

I falter between black depths and floating heads,

With a nimbus drooping low.

Unlike myself in a bustling crowd,

Beneath my scarred surface. What am I made of?

A question fills me up. A dependency on Fate.

I know only,

Crunching leaves glued to the bottoms,

Of my shoes, by the dampened soil.

Headstones where meal crawlers lurk,

The festering decrepit maggots dining.

There will be dark then, and the darkness will be blank.

Thought Verse #1

Passion so incredible, power to punch down Devils.

I lay down script all day, Slay Goliath with my brain.

Drain his blood out, flourish like the ghost of Stephen Crane.

This is a red badge of courage.

Life is parallel to Hell, but I must maintain

Take this record and pause.

I just took a hit so Nasty like Nas.

My New York state of mind, Illmatic,

I push hip hop Law,

Each line brushed becomes clause,

In a new school of thought. And I wanna spit it hot.

Nas blew big in 93, I was 6 years old, I started penning poetry.

Not to be mediocrity, a Cajun trading wagon,

Out with monotony, ought to be, breathing dungeon dragon.

To be caging your rhythm with my cadence,

Juggling bundles of your disgruntle.

Barred jargon chars your ears with barging ox patience,

Bend the banter, with my candor, experiences, appearances,

And scars charged, taking my heart 30 seconds away from Mars.

Realigning the stars when I stare out my backyard,

And as I’m gazing at the blazing canvas,

An enraging comet manages to streak,

Its protracting beam across the dark painting,

Colored like the tainting of this world,

That forever rearranges you brazen.

It’s always painful,

But who thought it might not be,

A paned beautiful view,

Looking out of a crooking window,

Saying I wanna map the rest of my tomorrow’s,

As the best I’ve ever had.

Valentine’s Day Should Be More Than Once a Year

Looking for a Valentine’s getaway weekend? Shake the monotony and douse spice upon your routine. I suggest heading on a romantic excursion to the nearest metropolitan city to discover something new together. Chances are that you will.

My darling and I celebrated our two-year anniversary having more than enough to do from ever being bored and too much to ever accomplish every thing.

Ours began with sliding a key card at the doorway of 1711. We were booked in a 17th floor suite with a panoramic view. As in, we could see the movement of Columbus’ heartbeat below us.

We were in Columbus’ Arena District, overlooking Nationwide Arena and also the Short North. We decided this spur of the moment on Expedia Friday night. If you ever stay at the Hyatt Regency hotel I recommend skipping the expensive valet parking and pulling in at the Chestnut garage. You will walk through mazes of corridors and tunnels they coined Skywalk. We mostly walked to food and entertainment, so we didn’t need to drive a car.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon with many potential events to pursue like the cooking series Too Many Cooks! at the Wild Goose Creative. Saturday, Luna Burger owners came and gave a talk about processed foods and their Veggie Burger. And they had samples! There was also Just Add Candlelight at the Whole Foods Market for couples to try freshly made Valentine’s dishes. And nearby at St. Agatha’s parish hall was an avant-garde festival with about 100 artists and crafts men(women) showcasing their work.

We had a fabulous dinner at the packed Buca Di Beppo. The family style of ordering one big meal instead of individual entrees is what makes this so appealing. We ordered this blueberry lemonade which was poured into our own souvenir curvy wine glass. We decided on Chicken mushroom cavatappi with Rosa sauce and garlic bread. Our waitress brought a plate of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Afterwards we had drinks at the Big Bar on 2. There happened to be a Harley Davidson convention, a University formal, and a pizza cook off weekend event. Needless to say there were a lot of great people getting drinks

On Sunday we went to Broad St. to get some inspiration at the Columbus Museum of Art on Sunday. A wonderful tip that I can give to you is that you can enter free on Sundays.

They have the new exhibit Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne: Paris 1880-1910 until May 18th. These works were created by a generation of avant-garde Parisian artists. These were the movers and shakers of Paris culture living during an explosion of theater at the end of the 19th century. There are also several European Impressionist style paintings from Monet, Picasso, Degas and many other awe striking artists.

Afterwards we drove, due to the winter blustery air, around the Short North and searched the strip for local shops we love. We explored around the blocks with the historical theaters, churches, and skyscrapers. And then browsed for a fancy steakhouse at dinner.

We checked out 9 AM Monday morning to head to The North Market, one of the last vast markets in Ohio, at least in diversity of local merchants. They have a coffee shop, specialty meats, herbs and spices cooks don’t find easily, Indian cuisine, sushi, an Artisan bakery and many others. 

We got a Taste of Belgium  from Mr. Jean Francois. We had samples of some of the tastiest belgian waffles ever. We ordered Fruit and chocolate crepes. He definitely brought Brussels to our plate.

Then we left and drove to Easton and mostly window shopped all afternoon and tried on random outfits. We ate at the Rusty Bucket for some feel good dining. I had cheesy crusted macaroni and my love had the meatloaf with hearty barbeque gravy. Rusty Bucket is always a winning option as we have never had problems. Make sure if you go there you try their famous sticky bread pudding.

In conclusion, couples shouldn’t feel obligated to do something for their special someone because of Valentine’s Day. We should all plan or take chances romantically when the opportunity presents itself and because we genuinely want to learn and grow with that person we’re dating. Don’t take love for granted. If you have a case of the Cupid’s arrow make sure you live it wholeheartedly.