Sweet Sally May Heartbreaker

I had a dream and they stomped it out with Sallie Mae student loans. These money hungry thieves trick 17 year old’s into agreeing to sign loans because their parents expect them to make something out of themselves. The parents do all the paperwork themselves, we never really realize that we sell our souls to get help. We have to be accountable when Sally is not so accountable. SO then we graduate with a bank account low and our dreams sit on the shelf and we can only get two minimum low wage jobs and car insurance, no health. Except through Obama Care and they just steal the social security wealth. And I wonder why the hell they bail out the corporations and banks, and credit card companies with stealth. But if they bailed the college kids out the economy would turn around, productivity and the youth would shine through the recession clouds and the sun would break out.

This shit is stressing me out, I go forking thousands out and then realize that the interest is eating my money and it doesn’t even count as I break my back responsibly try to pay the loan back. This is going to give me a heart attack as I desperately remain hungry for the thing I lack. A plan out. A road map. I didn’t pay attention to this, in the past because I was naive in my route and I expected for my parents to protect me from a drowning water spout. Our eyes are covered by a sleeve and we should up heave this weevil lurking in its evil ways to try and keep us behind curtains deceived. We breathe to focus on being successful because we need bank rolls to keep our kids from falling or left or kept in the muck holes.. Keep the poor, POOR.  Down on luck so we can remove the middle class or at least a little further apart and create an improved act of feudalism. This is the futile schism to ensure that the real issue, classism still exists. This is my recent wisdom that stares at me as I daily walk in a mist that surrounds me where I didn’t believe my life would become this.

I won’t let it become this. I will not become a decathect. I will not succumb like a tree in mud and dead. I have been bound a God gift wrapped with a spine and inside it white with pink and blue lines which in between I love to ink and paint lines of wings made with pen strokes of hope to be remembered for real zen quotes. Words which look through my lens and speak code. Truth for the hungry given a reason to keep the dream they hold.

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